Monday, January 3, 2011

Every day

Here it is.  The new year.  A new week.  A new outlook.  A slate of new goals.  You know what I'm uplifted by?  There is now nothing, which I dread. I have a vision, in my mind's eye of what I've felt like and why I've kept so busy and accomplished projects and goals.  I'm running a race.  I just keep flying like the wind and jumping the hurdles.  The hurdles are just that, hurdles.  They are there to be a testimony of how hard I want to get to the finish line.  I will jump them.  They are nothing I have to "deal" with.  They're obstacles, but how hard are they if I just have to keep limber, in shape, focused and just keep jumping them?  If I fall down while jumping a hurdle, I don't wrestle it and tell it I'm gonna pummel it's ass.  If I'm running a race and jumping hurdles and trip, I don't turn around, pick it up over my head and throw it into the center of the track.  If I trip and fall, I get up, get momentum going and jump the next hurdle.  You know what I get to do now?  Pardon me if it sounds ridiculously obvious or cliche....Now...I get to enjoy and live and make the most of every day, to make it the greatest day I'm alive.  Why not?


  1. I distinctly remember during my one year in track, running hurdles, tripping and falling, and having to to reign in all my will power to not pick up the hurdle and throw it into the center of the track after I pummelled it's ass! I know you don't mean that literally, but that made me laugh! Thanks for that! I love to laugh! Esp. if it's at myself!

  2. This is wonderfully done! So transparent and clear of your own heart! And you do know that somewhere there will be an ass to be pummeled, so do keep us updated! LOVE YOU!