Friday, January 7, 2011

Husband's Birthday

To the one I love above all others, and let me know just this morning, he remembers eating the banana cream pie I made for him a few years ago for a birthday.  "It was interesting with meringue on it, but would be better with cream on it.", as I'm preparing to make it for his birthday treat, as he requested.  LOL  THAT is just the kind of man I married - never wanting to rock the boat, but waits for the perfect moment to teach me.  I remember being so proud of the meringue on that was my first time...I do not know what recipe I was following, but it must not have been a banana cream pie recipe!  LOL  There was discussion over Thanksgiving about this topic, but he was not as definitive as he was this morning.  He knows that I require being hit between the eyes with a padded 2x4.  =D 

To my handsome, strong, peaceful, slow to anger, comical, witty, leader among men, dear, tender, talented, steadfast, best man on the planet that I'm bound by love, commitment and dreams to:  You are the greatest.  May today, in every hour, be an hour that you feel the love of all those you touch.  You are Jacob's Hero and the man I made a "list" for and by the grace of God - got.  You make us so happy.  Happy Birthday Husband! 

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