Thursday, July 26, 2012

This Mother’s Prayer

My Boy Wonder has been 6 years old for  2 hours and 48 minutes. He’s asleep in his bed and as I started pondering the evening we had, when I was working, my thoughts eventually meandered to my firstborn and his special day – our special day. I laid in bed choking back tears as I thought about the things I must say to him.

“My heart beats differently, the pace, the rhythm, the purpose. No one prepared me for the new eyes I’d look at life through, the moment they laid you in my arms. I looked into your face - Yes Jacob, it all began with you.

Every day, I see you growing older. Some days, I watch you grow by the minute. May you always know, no matter how tall you become or how old you are – no one can love you the way your father and I do.

Let me say now, while my heart is fresh and open from thanking God and crying because I am amazed He gave you to me….it is my duty to say….

Sail Free! I pray you know HE is your anchor and we are a safe place through any storm. In the midst of every day life, our child, we pray we show you to Stand Strong! Never be afraid of who you are. Dance Wild – life is short, take it by the arms and dance a whirling dervish. Play Hard – there is time to work AND breathe in the air so don’t put off the time to play for tomorrow.

You are a magical little boy. You won’t always be a little boy. While you are, one of my many prayers is for your innocence to be protected and that you embrace a different way than what is common and appears easy. I don’t know how to protect your innocence fully and have to trust God on so much, in this day and age where simple-mindedness is celebrated. Just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s easy. Talk to God. That’s all praying is, just talk to Him.  Learn to love the still, small voice, that is your guide, your conscience, the Helper and Comforter. Be still and know He’s always there.

I know you know I love you. I wish you could know just how. When I think of you, your daddy and  your brothers – the word “love” just doesn’t cut it. I pray you each see and feel it when you look into my eyes. So….together let’s

Sail Free! Stand Strong! Dance Wild and Play Hard!”

Happy Birthday Boy Wonder!

Love & Grace,

Your Mama