Friday, January 21, 2011

Realzees [sp.?]

Today.  Interesting.  My outlook is changing.  My tolerance for bullshit - zero.  My OK-ness with that?  Totally, completely OK.  I am not responsible for how anyone else receives my writing.  This book....

is changing my life.  For realzees y'all.  So much I could say...but that would be foolish of me.  I can't go giving away all my revelations that are just on the surface of truly being realized.  If you're curious, read it.  If you yearn for wondering what and how to move forward being that secretly brilliant person you believe, way in there that you are - read it.  If you like being coddled and have someone pat your tooshie and rely solely on passing the buck and blaming someone else, um...don't read it. 
To my Mama - thank  you for recommending it.  You are the most important woman, in my life.  Nothing will take that truth/fact away. 
This evening, while we wait for Hubby to arrive with Chinese take-out...hang on a sec...let me let that sink in...we can order chinese take-out, in this great town we LIVE in!  I am enjoying a glass of this.....
....thanks to my sis-in-law that left an opened bottle here last weekend.  Go to and read what the wine maker's grandpa used to say.  It's so true. 

In the oven, is the second White Russian Blackberry Cheesecake I've made in 24 hours.  I made our test last night.  I'll be serving it at the Mustang Foundation Banquet tomorrow evening.  I made a few revisions.  I basically threw out the recipe and used the no-fail Grandma Helen Diers recipe for cheesecake while revising the crust and adding Kahlua and blackberries.  In essence, this is the first one I'm making - but it IS the one going to the banquet tomorrow night.  Here's a picture of what Hubby and I had for breakfast this morning....

I gotta say....this recipe had zero wow factor.  It could be the recipe stinks, or it could be it doesn't have chocolate in it.  That would make a difference to really make me go "WoW!"  It's still yummy...just no wow. 

Now.  For the closing before my weekend with my very own family starts - I am thanking God for the friends that are few and far between.  I have a handful of people that love me and have loved me and I love them, for nearly 20 years - come hell or high water.  One from this crew was by my side and held me the night Levi died.  Another one, has spoken into my life the past month, in ways that awakens the real me and causes me to feel connected again.  I am profoundly grateful for your lights, in my life.  I wish there was a way for me to split my chest and this swelling of my heart would be evident for you to see just how I feel about each of you.  It's great, it's big and it's true.  I pray blessings upon blessings for you and all my friends.  But mostly - thank you for listening to Him and following through.  I love you. 
Make it an amazing weekend!  xoxoxo

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