Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Truly.  I sit here this evening and I am breathing and thanking God at the same time.  It is only Wednesday and we've been so productive this week.  I am excited again for the future.  I haven't felt this way since June.  When we moved here in June of 2010, I'd wake up every morning, pinching myself that we lived in this house and that we got to live in this town.  Before that, it was the first 3 months after Jacob was born.  I would get up for his 12:30 and 3:00 AM feedings and put him back to bed.  Then, I'd watch my digital clock as the numbers changed each minute, willing it to go faster.  Once it reached 5:00AM, I knew it was an acceptable time to get up and start my day, waiting for my sweet punkin' to wake up and we get to have a whole new day together.  It's the anticipation that life is good and I can't wait to see what we'll discover next.   

I'm so grateful to no longer feel like an alien.  I'm grateful my family is healthy and getting healthier.  I'm grateful for my friends and family that love me, really love me, and prayed for us as we came through so much.  I'm grateful for my Mary Kay director that has allowed me to take my time to sort through my personal life and then delve into the business at my own pace.  I am grateful that my husband loves me and came home and cooked supper tonight!  THAT was AWESOME!  I am grateful that Jacob is learning and growing and happy.  I am grateful that Hubby wants to go on a date Friday night...and next I'll be grateful for finding a sitter.  Any takers?  ;)  I am grateful for God being God and that He wants me to be me.  [Thank you Beck.] 

Good night dear ones.  I am grateful for YOU!

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