Thursday, January 20, 2011


Eat the right things, Beth, and you'll feel clean and full of  I've done that for 2 days and lost 3lbs. that I gained over the weekend.  Today, I hit the elyptical, that machine is so confusing.  I love it, I hate it.  I love that when I'm done with it, I feel so many things or muscles, in my legs and even my butt.  =)  I hate it because I look like a rhino on it.  I'm huge, fumbling with the buttons to lower the resistance, with my circular padded fingers, and I have a horn sticking out the front of my head because I want help, but I'm afraid of being laughed and criticized while I'm on it.  I forced myself to stay moving on it for 6 minutes.  "Six minutes?!?!", you exclaim.  I say, "Yes!  SIX bless-ed minutes - ain't it great?"  I hit the bikes first this morning.  The trainer told me I'm not going to burn many calories on the bike, that the elyptical is where it's at.  Hmmm.  Then WHY are the tops of my legs on fire??  Then, I got on the elyptical.  I probably should have done a few laps around the track, cuz the elyptical after the bike, felt like the bike, except I was STANDING!  Then, I moved on to the treadmill to get my run on.  Call me paranoid, but I reduced it to a speed walk after the two guys on either side of me, were looking at me.  I turned my iPod down and realized I sounded like a herd of elephants, on one treadmill!  =D  Oh...but I'm so glad I got that out of the way.  But...since I like the burn, I also did the leg press.  Um, honey, I may not be able to walk tomorrow.  I'm a load to press...but not for long. 
Today, experimenting with cheesecake and starting to paint artwork for the wall behind our new sofa, in the basement.  Exciting stuff, I tell you! 
Thank you God for sunshine, fuel, exercise and Spring on the horizon. 


  1. I can TOTALLY epathize with the elliptical story...we came across one for free so accepted it and it now lives in our basement, UNUSED because none of us have the muscles to handle it for *seriously* more than 2-3 minutes. Who invented it anyway?!?! Lunatics!! Cheesecake sounds amazing, if you need a taste tester, I'm your gal ;) I'm thinking a strawberry raspberry mixture with a chocolate/caramel drizzle? yummmm... You're an amazing woman, I look up to you!! Keep up those workouts, do some for me, too!!!

  2. Yeah...I too have an eliptical and I just stare at it while I run on the treadmill. 6 minutes is like a half hour I swear! It looks easy enough when you watch others do it, but man is it HARD! I'll take running any day over that evil equipment!

    Our reunion is getting closer! You still want me?

  3. Abbe-if you were closer girl, you'd be sampling. =D
    Stacy - what's changed that I wouldnt' want you? xoxo