Thursday, December 30, 2010

A few "Why nots" to become "Oh ya, that happened in 2011!"

So, this fog in NE Iowa is oppressive.  I'm also coming off a high from all the build-up of our Christmas celebrations.  Also, I apologize for any male readers, but my hormones still are jacked-up and some days this blanket of sadness just lays on me.  SO....I will combat with thanking my Maker for the dreams that became realities in 2010:

*Steve was offered and accepted an amazing job in Independence, IA*Our nephew Caleb Lynn was born the day after Steve started his new job*Jacob and I had challenging, yet amazing bonding time for three months before we *moved to Independence*Shed a lot of unwanted stuff through the "If it's not marked, it's a quarter" yard sale - we made $426 at that yard sale - $250 came from items that were a quarter - astounding, isn't it?*Moved to Independence, into a home that we LOVE*Next day, found out we were preggo, after 2 1/2 years of trying*Had the last visit with my Granma and great aunt, in Iowa [they won't be able to make that trip again.  They were real troopers to ride about 1700 miles from Pennsylvania to Iowa and back again.] *Jacob celebrated his 4th birthday*Jacob started preschool*Levi - we "officially" became parents of an angel baby*Clyde*Lost 33 lbs*  .......

Kind of a big year!  The whole list, in chronological order was necessary set up for the last quarter of the year.  The last quarter of the year is setting up a beautiful backdrop for 2011!

Here are the "Why nots" [see post from earlier in the month titled Why Not?] for 2011:

*lose 60lbs. - Why not be psyched about the way I look and let the inner sex kitten out?  heehee...that just really cracked me up..but seriously...why not?* Earn supplemental income through Mary Kay - Why not be a tool for women to truly feel beautiful about the skin they live in?* Learn to play piano and/or guitar - Why not have the tools to outlet my authentic creativity? * Sell "vacation" home in Monona, heehee.  Why shouldn't someone else enjoy the beauty and warmth of our first home and we be free of the cost of it?*Get preggo again.  Why not?  Why shouldn't our family grow?  We are awesome!  

Hebrews 11 1Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

What kind of things are you hoping for in the coming year?  The things that happened to us this past year, were things we believed would come to pass and we hoped for them.  The avenues, life takes to deliver, are not always idyllic.  Hey...we live in an imperfect world.  Nonetheless, I am grateful for the deliveries....I am learning so much from them. 

Bring it, 2011!  Use your vision that doesn't require eye sight!  I hope as these things start to become evident in your lives, you'll share them with me, as I will share with you!


  1. 33 lbs! Wow! Good for you!

    My Why Nots - Run a marathon, ok, half marathon... - Get preggo, why shouldn't my family expand as well! - start enjoying the small things in life, they really are what matters - Get back into shape, hoping to get preggo is no excuse for not exercising - reconnect (IN PERSON) with old friends, it's really been too long.

    That's my short list. Love you lady!

  2. Heck yes!! Why not??? I believe with and for you too. I love you. We're gonna see each other in February, right?