Monday, December 27, 2010


Wow.  What a Christmas!  We were so blessed with family time with 3 branches of relatives over the course of 4 days.  One of my favorite times is when Grandma Diers was telling Jacob [but really all of us] the Christmas story.  My dad, stepmom, husband, sister-in-law and I all sat in the family room as Grandma told the story of Christmas, by the glow of our fireplace and live Christmas tree.  It was idyllic.  It's so rare when something so uncoordinated turns out so beautifully.  That is true of life, isn't it?  The impromptu scenes of life are the funniest, the loveliest, the most memorable.  It all started because I realized I didn't have a christmas story book and the story isn't in Jacob's children's bible [ya, I don't know why...strange.], but this was so much better.  It was really a joint effort between Jacob and Grandma.  He's no stranger to the Christmas story.  Jacob helped Grandma tell it.  Loved it.
My favorite moment through the 4 day celebration, was Levi being acknowledged.  My friend, Heather, sent a beautiful arrangement for us.   I can't put into words how this helped me through this Christmas celebration.  Heather, I need to see you soon.  I wept Thursday night, out of deep loss, mostly out of deep joy that someone identified and let us know they were remembering.  I know that kind of reaching out can only come from someone who has lived through this kind of loss.  I pray I will be the kind of loving and lovely person you are, when I learn of a friend enduring the loss of their baby.  I pray my friends and family never know this kind of loss.   Here's the arrangement she sent....

Precious.  We are so grateful Heather and Joe.  Thank you. 

Another of my other favorite moments, is from Christmas morning.  In the midst of opening presents with three different family celebrations, Jacob brought me the gift he bought with his own money.  I was sitting next to Aunt Krissi on the sofa.  He handed it to me and curled up on Krissi's lap.  Then he whispered loudly to her, "It's a purse!"  =D  Precious.  It is an awesome purse from one of our local stores in downtown Independence.  I <3 it! 

Side note:  Oh, Krissi, I think we'll actually have to celebrate Christmas, in the Bahamas, by ourselves, if we ever want to get through any movie from start to finish, together.  ;) 

On to New Year's!

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  1. Thank you for the family picture in the mail! You look awesome! I am glad you got the arrangement and liked it! :) You're welcome!!