Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What excites me!

In no particular order, this post will encompass a wide range of levels of excitement.  =) I feel pressure to be sure and mention my hubby first.  LOL  I'm not giving an awards acceptance speech, but that aside - he really does, excite me.  He doesn't get how much he excites me.  He's a city government official and watching him on tv during locally broadcasted telecasts really excites me. More than his job, he's the best man I know.  I am elated that someone so solid, brilliant and fun wants me...forever.  Ok, ok...moving along......
I get excited, walking through my kitchen to turn off lights, before hitting the hay, to see my Bunn coffeemaker.  Sometimes, when a day is tough, the thought alone of fresh brewed coffee and it's velvety goodness sparking my tastebuds first thing in the morning, just gives me a whole new appreciation for the beginning of a new day.  Our fireplace excites me.  I've never lived in a house with a fireplace.  I believe a fireplace really IS as romantic as it looks like on tv or movies.  Marzetti's stuffed olives, either garlic or jalapeno, excite me!  Random - but they're so YUMMY and make me feel like I'm having a sophisticated snack.  Of course, I limit my intake to 2 or 3 or else I won't be exciting my hubby to create romance in front of our fireplace.  ;)  As Steve would say, "Hey-O!"  ...again...moving along....
 When my postal lady rings my doorbell, because she has to hand me a package that won't fit in my mailbox, is exciting.  Paying off debt is e-l-a-t-i-o-n!  Dark chocolate, red wine and bleu cheese crumbles excite me.  Jazz is a new excitement for me. {Thank you my mommy and her friends that I can't wait to meet.}  When my dad calls me, I get excited.  Dancing, a good acoustic set and preparing for a large family gathering or company, in our home, really get me going.  The words, "You were right Mama!" from Jacob's stunned voice, excite me.  I get charged when I get to sing karaoke.  Give me some "Alone" by Heart or any song by Evanescence that I get to pretend I'm a kick-ass rock queen and I'm in frickin' paradise.  Spotlight excites me - this is a truth I've downplayed for a lot of years over that...just sayin'.  Making dough for bread or rolls is strangely exciting for me.  There's something I feel like I'm learning about each batch I make - temperatures, water or milk and dry ingredients - don't always mix the same dough, but they ALL feel so good in my hands and [knock on wood] have always tasted so good.  Taking communion at church or with the ones I love excites me.  J-A-C-O-B is excitement and the greatest high, in the flesh, of my life.  His very existence and the intricacy of how he's fearfully and wonderfully made - excite me, cuz he's evidence, as we all are, of a great Creator! 
And....that's all.  For now.  I am preparing for snow and a holiday party in our home, this weekend.

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