Tuesday, December 21, 2010

a poem

I was reminded about this poem I wrote for Jacob heading into his 2nd birthday.  I decided to post it here.  As he crawled into our bed this morning with his hot hands and little boy morning breath, and excitement for a new day - I thought of this ......

My Little Boy

My little boy is a champion destined for greatness.
He's a rainbow of promise in this world.
He's no fool when it comes to reading people,
I'm amazed by his internal barometer.

My little boy, is the spitting image of his daddy.
With his cheeks and mouth and lips.
Even his toenails grow just like his daddy's -
did I mention I love to kiss both of their lips?

Some have said to me, "Don't you think it's selfish having children in these times?"
To which, I think to myself, "What's selfish about receiving this gift?" I staked no claim - he was given to his dad and I freely....why would we ever turn a jewel away?

My little boy has changed me forever.
My heart will never be the same. And with each day,
the blazin' flame grows whiter as I hear him call me, "Mama!" -
I now know - that I'm living my dream.

What love is this? What kind of bond have I been entrusted with forever? When I look into his eyes and see his cheesy grin, I can't help but cry and thank my God for the beauty of the relationship he wants with me...

My little boy has taught me more than I will teach him.
He looks at the world with no disdain or despair.
He even likes bugs and slugs and beetles.
His mama likes to just hug him and love him and whisper in his ear,
"You are mine and I'll treasure you forever!"

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