Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Why not?

I've just finished my jamming session with Pink!  Her song, "Raise Your Glass"...just freaking liberates me. Her lyrics ..."What part of party don't ya understand?  Wish you'd just freak out..." - awesomeness!   I've found myself saying, this past week, "I've got to get out of my head."  I find there are so many opportunities to not live inspired when my brain is totally in control.  Some are going to tell me, "Holy crap Beth...life isn't supposed to be inspired 24/7!!!  You freakzoid!"  To which, I will turn, smile, and ask, "Really?  Why not?"  [Well, actually, I don't have the kahunas to do that, but I'll tell you I do, in my own blog. ;) ]    Truly though?  I'm saying the phrase, "Why not?" more and more.  Ask my hubby.  AND if someone were to question my sanity as to whether or not it is acceptable and appropriate to let our spirits freak out and lead our brain, I know I'd be asking on the inside, "why not???"  At only 6% operational, I'd say my brain hasn't had to fight too hard to keep the reins.  Now that I'm realizing how it makes me "too school for cool" [lyrics to the song mentioned above] and actually enslaves creativity most of my time and keeps me in fear of acceptance of other people's brains at 6% functionality...well...I've discovered life is just too dang short to keep trying to explain myself to anyone and attempt to gain their approval and so it's just time to live.  I used to be a slob, before Levi.  I used to be a terrible manager of time, before Levi.  I started my unslobbyness and excellent time management because I couldn't bear to sit still and be left alone with my thoughts and feelings and flashbacks.  Know what I found out?  I have more time and space and opportunity to be creative and find out more about who I am and what I should do because I'm disciplined about order and organization.  I think the brain's function is to help our bodies and mind visualize what IS possible, under the direction of our spirit, as well as be the "Houston" of our bodies.  Maybe I focus too much on my brain being a mission control and have next to no vision for the mission.  Well...that's changing.  It's been a year, in the process, and it's going to take retraining or just plain freeing up my mind.  My theme for 2011 is, "Why not?" 
Tell me, what is your theme for 2011? 

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