Monday, February 21, 2011


Truly, it is daunting, to realize there is no limit to blogging.  I just took 45 minutes, seeking out other blogs for some ideas on how to jazz this one up.  With the season change coming soon, I want to freshen this bugger up.  My motivation for writing/blogging is changing.  I'm so glad about that!  Of course, you are probably aware of how many blogs are out there, but I am just learning. I don't want to be a "Mommy" blog.  As tempting, and as passionate I get about politics, I physically cannot handle the constant rise in blood pressure with our current political climate.  Oh and besides the fact that I think the word "politics" is another word for bologna [oooh...filter is on...interesting sensation]. I also like to think of myself as maturing enough to know that opinions are like butts [that's right, I said butts], everyone has one, debating or arguing different *dimples* of the butt - just really isn't necessary.   ;)  While I love Mary Kay and will gladly help you realize how important it is to invest in caring for the largest, most vulnerable organ on your body - I'm really not a beauty/fashion guru - shocker....I know.  I yearn to know my Creator better.  I want to create.....stuff.....lyrics, poems, songs, books, babies, recipes, curtains, tablecloths, sundresses, scarves, tomatoes, green beans, businesses - to name a few. 
Bear with me.  This blog will be about how I attempt and fail AND attempt and succeed at creating these kind of things and be the best 21st century, old-fashioned wife and mama and woman that I can possibly be.

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