Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's just how I rolls...

Oh brother.  Last night, I started the cinnamon roll baking process, so that hubby would have rolls to take to his department head meeting, this morning.  Once it's time to put the formed rolls, into a pan, I realize I am out of cooking spray.  So...I figure, oh, I'll use a little olive oil.  Just a little.  Grease up the pan nicely - put the rolls in the pan.  This morning, I get up, put the doughy, cinnamon, brown sugar deliciousness, into my oven.  Fifteen minutes later, they're ready to come out and be put on a cookie sheet.  I do this so that all the sticky goodness, runs back down through the roll again.  It's also easier to frost them this way.  Hmmmm....typically, the rolls are sliding right out of the pan in mid air on their way to the cookie sheet.  Strange.  They're not this morning.  So, I lift the pan back up, directly over the cookie sheet, and the centers of about 8 of the rolls are dangling from the pan.  They are uncoiled..kinda like a fly paper.  A fraction of a second later, "plunk, PLUNK, plop" onto the cookie sheet they go.  I started laughing so hard!  My cinnamon rolls are something I know I do well.  These have never been more unappealing!  I've come a long way to laugh instead of burst into a crying fit.  So...I took pictures.  I thought you'd enjoy my failure which made me giggle hysterically this morning.  =D 

Have a super Tuesday everyone! 

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  1. Bth, I would SO eat those!! You can just top them with a little whipped cream and nobody with tastebuds will be the wiser ;) I made some pretty awful cinnamon rolls a couple of weeks ago, they didn't rise at all and were like cinnamony sweet hockey pucks. The one I ate with ice cream was alright though! You can just ship those to my house if you want to get rid of them!!