Friday, February 11, 2011

5 dates IN A ROW!!

Please pardon just how scattered this post may read.  I am SO pumped!!!  We've been talking for months that we'd get away on a real trip, with Levi's due date just hovering over.  However, life and all it's intricacies were getting in the way.  THEN, last night, Steve texts, "We need a vacation!" and then cuz his phone is goofy, it texted it again to me.  What's a good wife to do?  A wife that has been waiting for him to give me the green flag.  A wife that wants to soak up the sun, to the point that she could open her mouth and blow bubbles of glowy warmth from her mouth and watch them sail away from her, and feel meshed with the canvas of nature.  A wife that yearns to never let her marriage feel "old bag".........
Well, I don't know what a good wife would do, but this wife, jumped online and called a friend to ask for validation that it would be ok to present a plan to him.  Five years, into this gig, and I still never feel the initiative to do anything without getting his approval.  It's a self-confidence thing on my end.  Steve is amazing.  Anyway, my dearheart of a friend said, "Beth, you guys deserve this!  No one, who knows you, will look at you and say, 'You guys have had such a fun year - you don't need a vacation.'"  Then, my heart started to beat faster and that resonated.  What do WE need?  WE need a flippin' vacation!  On this high, I see a facebook post from one of my life-long besties and so I call her, just to hear her voice and I know we'll start laughing.  She suggested a cruise.  She said there is karaoke.  OMG!  Karaoke, while we sail on the ocean?!?!?!  Booya!  She said a few other things that were great about the cruise she went on.  Clearly, she lost me at the "k" word. 
I pitched this idea to hubby, when he came home.  Guess what?  He's game y'all!  I called grandma to ask if she'd be willing to watch our punkin while his daddy and I get to have 5 date nights in a row!  She is.  =)  [Thank  you Mom D.]
Now, hubby and I are tired, but we've got a glimmer again.  Something to look forward to...during a time that we are supposed to have the greatest gift to look forward to.  All things considered, we're the nucleus of this cell.  We are going on vacation!

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