Friday, February 18, 2011

Nothing Bread

Ugh.  So, last night, I was so happy to be making some Everything Bread.  Guess what?  I killed the yeast.  So...making bread is easy...just don't kill the yeast by having your water too hot.  I kinda kept moving along with the process, because I was in denial.  Ya.  See?  I go into denial mode a lot.  Which is why I can be like Mt. Kilamanjaro erupting, when the reality sets in....anywho.  Here's a picture of my heavy, unleavened - as Hubby made the joke about- bread, which I call, Nothing Bread.  It was a bummer because I wanted to have that warm, delicious bread to please Hubby when he came home from a long day.  I guess I did please him, we had a laugh and he finished watching Love Actually with me.  (Awwwwww.....) 

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