Thursday, February 3, 2011


It's another snow day here!  My Weather Bug thermometer reads -4 degrees.  Brrrrr!!! 

I have things to do today.  I did yesterday too, but I took a big ole break and played and snuggled with my kiddo.  He cooked all my meals for me for a week, in his kitchen.  We played "get the bad guys" with his wooden cork gun.  We made valentines, though, his way....this time.  [which means they don't look like Valentines but trash, just glued together.  =D  Hey...inspiration comes from all sorts of things...]  We tumbled around on our new sofa.  He insists that I can't get him, but I always do.  I know one day, this will change.  I love making crazy faces for him.  He giggles and snorts with glee and exclaims, "Mama, you're SOOO silly!  We're a silly family!"  Then, he nestled in next to me while I watched Oprah and he played his Leapster Explorer.  Those things are super cool! 

Today - there is lots to do: 
  • I have some thank you notes to write.
  • Ironing to get done
  • Dusting/Vacuuming
  • Filing
  • Laundry
  • Super Bowl menu planning - I believe most of my ideas will come from Paula.  I <3 her.
  • Supper to make.  Tonight, I'm making a thing called Roast Beef Sandwich Roll and I'll make some Cream of Broccoli soup too. 
  • I know there's more to do, this is all I can think of while I'm typing. 
Tomorrow, I'll be busy too!  I get to go to preschool for the first time as a volunteer and help out and visit with the kids for a day.  I kept waiting for the teachers to ask when I could come.  All  year, I've been telling them, "let me know when I can come for a day, when you need me or not, just to participate.."  So, I finally said, " I want to come for a day.  When may I?"  Turns out, one has to do a background check to volunteer at preschool.  So, we did that rigamarole and I get to go tomorrow!  =D  I'm looking forward to it.  Jacob says he is too. 

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