Monday, April 4, 2011

Robots, Popeye’s & Fanta

The weekend was how a weekend should be.  Friday morning, I spent the morning at preschool with Jacob and his classmates.  It was Robot day.  I sat down to read a story to the kids, while we waited for the teachers to begin the day.  Talk about a captive audience! I was a spotlight hog and all I had to do was make different voices and facial expressions and the children were putty, in my hands.  They swarmed me and I felt so warm and fuzzy.  So did they.  One classmate whispered loudly to Jacob, while I was reading, “Jacob – why is your mom here today?” Jacob turned, an annoyed look on his face and said, “Because she wants to be.”  Good answer son.  What fun it was to see their imaginations working, as they designed their robots. They all called me, Mrs. Diers.  I really loved that because I’ve been married 5 1/2 years and I’ve probably been called Mrs. Diers, 2 or 3 times. 

Later, was the “fright”….which led to an impromptu date with Hubby.  He will always be my favorite person to spend time with – and Friday evening was exceptional. Saturday, we were lazy until we didn’t want to be anymore. I made good food while Hubby cleaned the garage.  Jacob and Daddy played some t-ball.  Jacob took one of dad’s line drives straight to the forehead.  Our kid was an animal – it didn’t even phase him.  He just wanted to keep playing.  We all snuggled up and watched Up, Saturday evening.  Sunday, I woke up truly rested.  I didn’t realize how I hadn’t been, until I did.  We went to church. I really like how our small congregation is intimate, in their relationship with God.  I found myself challenged, with Pastor’s sermon - with all the tools I have at my disposal and how I haven’t picked one of them up to bring glory to Him or to fulfill my own dreams.  I must do better.  I must sit down at the piano.  I must learn guitar. I found myself saying over and over, in my mind, “I love you,” to God. Taking communion is one of my favorite parts of church.  I can’t even put my finger on why…I just love it.  God is good, my friends and He lives in us.  Following church, we went to Waterloo.  Hubby wanted to make a Menards trip.  We ate at Popeye’s – needed something fast for this prego mama. It was yummy and I did something I don’t normally do….ever.  I took a risk on strawberry Fanta soda, out of the fountain.  Oh. My. Gosh.  It tasted like something from back in the “old” days and was heavenly.  I slammed it and got another.  While at Menards, we got a bird feeder. =D  I have a charming, birdhouse outside my kitchen window.  I’ve been thinking about how lovely it would be to see pretty, colorful birdies out there. 


We got some birdseed for songbirds.  Won’t that be a sweet delight to all my senses? 

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