Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mumbo Jumbo

My brain is random this morning.  I want to write a post, have no idea what to write about and am just positive that my readers want to read mumbo jumbo. So, here it goes…

I mostly like to lay these days. No, not eggs, just lay. I am kind of frustrated on several counts.

  1. I have no maid.
  2. Why did this exhaustion and lack of motivation come when first trimester is winding down?
  3. I am 22lbs. lighter than my pregnancy with Levi and I have to go up a pants size larger than with Levi because my pear-shaped figure has totally gone to butternut squash figure.
  4. I find myself wishing for a night out at the old “Bucks” in Cedar Rapids. A night to get my shake on and have burned off every calorie from the week because I danced and sweated so much.

Here are the things that make me happy and laugh..

  1. The Ellen Show
  2. Hines Ward’s smile
  3. Strawberry Fanta –though I haven’t found any yet for me to buy a case.
  4. When Hubby talks to the baby by treating my belly button as a megaphone to the uterus and Sweet Pea.
  5. Sweet Pea making movement, I can feel once he or she hears Daddy’s voice via his or her surround sound system – this also makes me cry with joy.
  6. Jacob told me that he doesn’t have a credit card.  ???  When did he learn about a credit card? I didn’t learn about one of those til I was 19.

As you can see, the positives outweigh the frustrations…blah blah blah. LOL that just cracked me up.

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