Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Fright

Yesterday, out of the blue, with very different factors – from Levi, we had a scare of miscarriage.  We were ordered an ultrasound, at the hospital and after dealing with rude, people in the healthcare professional field [not our doctor], we finally got to the ultrasound to have two of the dearest ultrasound techs take our scan.  According to the radiologist and our doctor, Sweet Pea is perfect. They scanned his/her heartbeat 4 times and it ranged from 158 to 178.  We could see Sweet Pea moving around in there.  His or her movements were just like an infant.  =D  The techs were trying to take a “good” shot for us.  They gave us four different shots, each quite similar but with different color backgrounds since they can’t see if it’s a boy or girl yet.  LOL  This was all their idea, they were trying to bring us some comfort, while I was absolutely NOT in denial this time.  We met with our doctor afterwards and she walked in with a huge smile and comforted us that Sweet Pea is perfect and right on target for where he or she should be. 

After we got through that unexpected appointment, Steve and I walked out of the office, and he held my hand and planted a solid kiss on me.  One of my favorite things about being married is the communication which requires no words.  In one kiss, I felt he was telling me, “I knew Sweet Pea was ok;  I love you so much and I treasure you.”  Then, I realized how famished I was.  Jacob was with our friend.  After I phoned to check on him and tell her that everything was all right, she encouraged us to take our time. Steve wanted to eat out. I pointed to my pajama pants and gross t-shirt.  That’s right, I wasn’t kidding about just where I thought this experience was going. Hubby said, “I’ll go into the mall and get you an outfit. All you have to do is sit here and think of where you want to go eat.”  Almost 30 minutes later, he emerged with a splendid bag from JCPenney’s with charming Spring-colored maternity tops, a pair of dark maternity jeans, a lime green hoodie and a pair of black maternity capri pants.  I was so moved by this whole action – it was so intimate. I decided Red Lobster [cuz it’s one of his favorites].  He reminded us that it’s Lent season. I suggested Lone Star and he said, “Perfect.”  I actually changed in the vehicle on the way to Lone Star from the mall!  It was a rush of adrenaline and not a bit exciting to any spectators.  Hubby and I could only laugh because I was grunting and groaning so much trying to get the jeans on, while I was sitting down.  We enjoyed a nice meal and conversation, which focused mostly around how delightful it was for me, to be with Jacob in preschool that morning.  We also talked at length about Boy Wonder and what a wonder he is. 

I still wasn’t feeling too well, once we got home, but it was normal pregnancy symptoms.  I wrote on Facebook last night, that I’m in disbelief that we are almost 11 weeks and the yucky symptoms are just now showing up….BUT I am grateful for them. I am extremely fatigued the past 3 days.  I decided last night, I will rest when I need to.  Steve was in total agreement with this.  I need to ignore the pressure and perfectionism, which I conjure  up myself, to keep the house a certain way or to cook major meals every night – at least for a bit. Today, we have zero plans.  It’s going to be a beautiful day outside, so we will be spending some time, in our yard and garage. I plan to make guacamole today and maybe some potato salad and definitely some chocolate ice cream.  =D    

Sweet Pea 10 weeks

There’s Sweet Pea! 

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