Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Perfect Tuesday...

I think it is perfect.

Sometimes, I think my diet changes have allowed scales to be removed from my mind, sight and soul. Sometimes, I think the commercials and marketing of all things FOOD, in American society are not only to make a buck…but to keep the average human/american from hungering what life is TRULY about for ourselves. Preservatives, fast food and convenience, to me are a tool to dumb us down. “Let’s profit by keeping them in the dark, while we fatten them up, keep them sick AND they pay us to do it.” You may ask, “Beth, who do you accuse of such a conspiracy?” Hmm….I don’t know how to answer that question without certifying to you, my Reader, that I may be nutz. But surely, I do believe that if God has plans to prosper us and not harm us, well….there has to be a force of the exact opposite to keep us from that path. I’ll just call him the emperor….yes….like the emperor of Star Wars. I LOVE those movies!

At any rate, I attended our recently founded Indee SAHM[Stay-At-Home-Mom] group, this morning. I got to visit with other moms and a dad we were lucky to have join us. As I listened to our kids screech and scream, in our lovely city park, and watched the babies crawl and scoot around on the blankies AND discovered Bennett’s serious love of grass... [haha I crack myself up.] I found myself soaking it in and thinking how great it all was. Then, came home, took a nap while Bennett napped and Jacob played with toys. I awoke and couldn’t wait to go out to check on my “farm”. I was out there this morning, but simply had to go see if there were any changes. :)

From left to right, I introduce you to: broccoli, two rows of sweet peas, 1 row of green onions, one row of gourmet lettuce, and one row of green leaf lettuce. In the bed further back, are my tomato plants and pots with seeds for green beans, cukes, parsley, dill, basil and oregano. Just one week after planting the seed, all have sprouted that are going to sprout and soon, I will have to figure out where to plant the “thinning out” of plants. I need to go put up the fencing to keep bunnies out. Then, as I was going around the back of our house to the patio, I smelled a lemony-mint fragrance. I knew which plant it was …as it kind of has crept all over the area back there. I picked up a sprig, came in and googled it. It is called Lemon Balm.

It is good for teas - hot and cold and to even cook and bake with! I found recipes for ice cream using it. Lemon Balm may also be used as a garnish. It is also good for relieving mosquito bites! How awesome…because here, under our noses is the answer growing to combat the pesky bugs, which often keep us from enjoying our patio.

As I was entering our family room from the patio…this is what I found ….

Be still my heart! Yes, life IS perfect. Because this moment, I choose to view it as perfect.

And again…

Boy Wonder enjoyed his chocolate donut. He also got his first sunburn on Saturday from his slip and slide. No. Wait. I didn’t apply sunblock clear down his back to his buttcrack….which is why and where he got burned, lower back to buttcrack. This is why he doesn’t have his shirt on. He loves getting aloe vera applied. He giggles because it tickles while it cools. My Darling Bennett is so thrilled to have Jacob home. He will be one sad baby when school starts again. Bennett is getting up on all 4s and rocking back and forth. He will be crawling soon.

I hope each of you has been able to let go of the expectations and pressure to do more to be perfect and just rest, in the fact, that you are perfect...just the way you are. :)

Love & Grace,


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