Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Own Little Farm...

Today is Boy Wonder’s last day of Kindergarten. My Darling is 8 months old. For some reason, these two facts are really tugging on my heart strings and causing me to cry. Of course I am excited for what the days ahead have in store for me and my boys. I find that this morning I grieve a little bit at how fast time goes and condemning myself for not being a perfect Mommy. Let me get another cup of coffee………….

Well, let’s divert my attention to our project that I’m calling my own little “Farm”. My family has a small farm in Pennsylvania. I am originally from there. As a child, I used to imagine all the good times we’d have there. Then, we moved to Iowa and the Farm, as we’ve lovingly called it, is no longer a place I can call home anymore. However, farming and planting and cultivating is kind of in my blood. The story of how we got from PA to Iowa is a great one. Must table that for another post.

This summer, I am not pregnant AND we have removed old shrubbery and trees and overgrown landscaping so that we could have our own little farm. I should call it tiny farm. Nope, should probably just call it a garden....but what fun is that? ;)

Hubby built me some raised bed frames and stained them to match our play set. He and my MIL put landscaping fabric on the bottom of them to prevent grass and weeds growing up through.

Last Saturday morning, Hubby and Jacob went to get dirt to fill our garden beds.

Look at Boy Wonder directing his daddy on backing up the truck. Have I said how much I love having boys?

Next? Well, for Daddy and I, we shoveled and raked dirt out of the bed of truck, into the garden frames. Jacob? He got in the back of the truck and had some fun. I love Iowa dirt!

Oh ya, Jacob insisted I take another picture of him with the dirt. heehee
The next night, I was prepping to plant my seeds of two different lettuces, onions, sweet peas and broccoli. I enlisted the help of Farmer Boy Wonder to haul away the big clumps of dirt.

I was sure to get a photo of him working so hard to rake those clumps into the extra dirt pile. By the way, we totally ruined his pair of tennis shoes with this whole process. Thank goodness school is out today so I don't have to buy a new pair!

There are my two beds side by side. The one on the right has just the tomato plants. The one on the left has my seeds in it. I hope the seeds grow. I was trying to be frugal and not buy actual plants. Um….yes, we know we need a couple posts to get that chicken wire to look right. I am still going to put up two trellises for my green beans and cucumbers to grow up.

My final photos for today are of my boys. Jacob, with pink eye, on his last day of school. No worries, we’ve been using drops, and the doc and pharmacist say he could go to school. The photo of Bennett is while he was eating his supper last night of green beans and sweet potatoes. After each bite he would use his kung fu grip and try to chomp on the wrong end of the spoon to relieve his gummies. Only 3 hours and 45 minutes to go until Summer 2012 begins for my boys and me.

Somewhere, along the line, I’ve developed pretty severe allergies to this time of year. I am hoping a new allergy medicine will clear me up to be able to get out and plant all of this today.

Plants for hanging baskets and bedding flowers for a flower bed in the front yard.

A busy day ahead!

Love & Grace,


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  1. I really enjoy reading your blog. Jacob is getting so big,and bennett wow i really enjoy my time with him at easter time.