Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The basis…

I’ve been thinking about sharing, with you, why I named my blog “Hallelujah Mama”. It is as simple as this:
I love God. I haven’t always been as close with Him as He would like. A fundamental truth that rings true in me, no matter what is - I give him praise for whatever I’m experiencing. If it’s good – He is worthy of credit. If it’s not good – He’s worthy of my gratitude and love as I let Him bring me through it. Most importantly, when daily life is neither good or bad – He deserves my praise for who He is.
I will never forget how close God was to me as we lost Levi. I will never forget singing How Great Thou Art and how His presence showed  up in the room where they performed the D&E. Losing Levi, is what made me want to get creative with writing and blogging, amidst other things. It’s what awakened, in me, God is alive and so much bigger than all I imagine and dream. Remembering Levi, is what reminds me of being true to me and what my Creator put me here for. There will be no “You’ve arrived!” sign. It’s a daily walk – one foot in front of the other. The most brilliant blessing in my life are my children – here and my son in my Father’s arms. Hence…..Hallelujah [an exclamation of praise to God] Mama.