Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Paper on sheetrock?

Last night, a lovely friend came to our house and showed me how to remove wallpaper using vinegar and water in a spray bottle. It really wasn't hard, except for how my tummy, didn't like being mushed in the wasted space corner, of our kitchen. See picture.
Wasted Space Corner
 I tried to stand on my tip toes, but discovered I'd practically be balancing my bump, on the kitchen counter like a pogo ball. Not a good idea. So, I resorted to standing with my left foot on the floor and my right, stubby leg, swung up on the counter. This was comfortable actually. It relieved the pressure of my growing tummy and I was on my left side, which is the only way to lay according to ALL the baby boards after a woman is 20 weeks along. ;)

Anywho - back to the title of the post - "paper on sheetrock?" [Imagine me tilting my head slightly to the side, eyes wide, one eyebrow raised, with expression of "who knew?"] Well...let me tell you, there IS! I was spraying my little vinegar and water bottle along, basking in the aroma of feet while I scraped away. [Once I ran out of clear vinegar, we resorted to apple cider vinegar. That is when the feet stank took over.] I scraped off, whatever would come up, when I started to see a grayish tan wall. Hmmm? Next picture please.....
See what I mean? Apparently, this is not good. I have yet to learn what the big deal is, or how to repair it. My only indication something wasn't right, was when Hubby said, "Oh, you're pulling up sheetrock paper.", and his breathing pattern .....changed.

Other than that, it was the most enjoyable experience I've had with removing wallpaper. I got to catch up with a friend and laugh. Oh - and we had some Bill's pizza - which is always excellent.
Thank you Peggy for a fabulous evening! 

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