Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Day 2– Don’ts

OKey dokey…well…this should be interesting. I have a headache. It will be monstrous if I don’t nap while Bennett is napping. I must make this quick.

I’m down 5.7lbs. since 11:17PM on Sunday night. Smile There is a price to pay, but I did the crime. Now, I’m doing the time.


Above, was my lunch from yesterday. Spinach, carrot, orange pepper, asparagus. I have a vivid imagination and pretended it was a Tree Frog from my old days a the Q bar in Iowa City and slammed it. Winking smile 



Above, was our supper last night. Steve chose to have his juiced since he was running back out for a meeting. I decided to take advantage of the first 5 days and the allowance to eat raw/cooked veggies and fruit.



Oh…I didn’t juice him. I just had to share this photo of my Darling Prince playing with the play yard I got him this past weekend. heehee



I failed to take a picture of the gorgeous fruit drink this morning. I juiced strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries. Quite wonderful and it was a pretty color. Last night, Jacob ordered strawberry juice. Well, I knew he’d be loving the fruit juices, but the real catch is going to be to get his veggies this way too. So, when he wasn’t looking, I put some carrots in with the strawberries. It made a very pretty color of pinky orange. He truly did love it. I wish I had enough arms to have captured a picture of it while I was holding the baby and juicing. I must remember to take a picture of that concoction. Made me think of a party. Open-mouthed smile The photo above is my lunch that I just finished. I’m saving my veggie juice for this evening. However, this salad was amazing. I think my taste buds are already being affected to really taste food better. It’s romaine and red leaf lettuce, slightly sauteed asparagus [in just a tish of olive oil], half an avocado and half a granny smith apple. I squeezed some fresh lemon juice over it.


I am no longer naïve in thinking this will be a breeze. I’ve had to basically ban tv [for commercials plus, my fave channel is the Food Network], Facebook and Pinterest because I am subscribed to so many food-related pages that keep posting hauntingly gorgeous recipes with pictures. Rest is a big key right now too. Thankfully, Bennett is allowing me time to do that. For the 3rd time, in our marriage, Steve and I actually bit each other’s heads off this morning. Spit them right back out because we are definitely not veggies or fruit. Winking smile 

A few “Don’ts” for you…maybe these won’t be an issue for others, but they are for us.

1. Don’t give your 5 year old more than 4 or 5 oz. of fresh apple juice.

2. Don’t give your 5 year old more than 4 or 5 oz. of fresh apple juice 10 minutes  before leaving for school. It just makes for a bad day all around when your kid says, “ I can’t stop pooping.”, and you find yourself cleaning the poop off the floor.

3. Don’t juice broccoli. Just. don’t. do. it.

4. Don’t find yourself holding a baby who just and I mean JUST made a dookie diaper as you sip any variety of juice. It has happened twice now, once with delicious berry juice and another time with a green juice. As you can see, I’m having above average hurdles to overcome with juicing.


Allrighty…I must be off to get a nap before my head splits…but Hey! I’m rebooting my body. I’m not hungry. It’s psychological, for now. It’s all good. Smile

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