Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 1 of Juicing Fast

Well, Hubby and I jumped off the ledge this morning by starting our juice fast. I'm not sure where to begin with this post. I'm excited for results. I am also battling, even at 9:43AM on Day 1, the urge to make coffee and eat the leftover pizza, in the fridge. I am not hungry or thirsty. I am keeping busy with the baby, house and reading to curb the cravings, also, when my Bennett wants to snuggle, I've got movies to watch.
About 2 weeks ago, I watched a documentary on Netflix called: Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead . It was fascinating. It is the story of an Australian fellow, who was sick of being sick and fat and decided to implement a tool, in his life, to get his body back to optimum health - by juicing. I don't want to summarize this movie. Just watch it and give me feedback on your reaction to it. I had a very passionate reaction to the film. For some time, I've been wishing - not doing anything about it - for a healthier lifestyle. I am becoming more and more impassioned with natural and not processed food. Truthfully, I've not been a buyer of much that is processed food. I pretty much steer clear of the center aisles of grocery stores. I am overweight and unhealthy due to lack of portion control, lack of exercise, ice cream before bed, not eating enough fruits and veggies, stress, lack of sleep, and a love for wine and martinis. I am embarking on a journey for the rest of my life, to make the right choices, when it comes to caring for this vessel which houses the real me.
My motives for doing a juice fast are: detoxing, HEALTH, clarity of mind and spirit and to be able to tell the difference, to deny my physical body of the crap it has been fed, weight loss -in order for the real, awesome, confident, full-of-life BETH to take over. I fully believe my addiction to food and the wrong kinds of food are a way to slowly kill myself so that I don't ever have to kick Mediocrity's ass, a cover-up and prevention for doing something TOTALLY amazing, a trap to keep me from discovering all the beauty of life and not equipping myself to enjoy it more!  I know that seeking true health will give me these things because when I lost Levi and started to make healthier choices and exercise, I was amazed at the vision and strategy to accomplish goals that I had clarity of mind to process. Basically, it's taking charge of my life and not allowing myself to be out of control. Why juicing? Why not just start doing the Wii Fit again and eating balanced meals? Because, I believe juicing is the way to give me a fresh start. I detox, then start building from there. The vitamins and minerals in fruit and veggies are unmatched to anything we can put in our bodies. I don't have the drive to eat as much fruit and veggies every day, as our bodies were created to require. By juicing, I get all my body needs and in a concentrated form - straight to the blood stream.
Here's the plan:
5-5-5 We are going to go 5 days of juicing, blending, eating raw fruits and vegetables. The next 5 days will be juicing only. The final 5 days, it's back to juicing, blending and eating raw fruits and veggies. After that time, we will evaluate whether we continue the juice fast or if we feel we have sufficiently detoxed and start to rebuild from there, using the traditional food pyramid.

I purchased my Breville juicer from for $99. It was originally $130 and Amazon notified me through a "coupon" I received in my email which marked it down to $99. I spent about $150 in fresh fruit and veggies from Sam's Club. It's not organic, but it's a start. I see there are a few things I will need to get in addition to, like more tomatoes, fresh bundles of parsley and cilantro and cloves of garlic.

Fruit juice from this morning - red and black grapes, 2 apples, 1 orange. There was enough for Steve and I and Jacob had his first fresh juice experience too. He loved it!

This is the veggies in Steve's and my lunch juice. It was delicious! I made it this morning. According to what I read, it's best to consume immediately after juicing. However, in Steve's case, this just isn't possible he said. So, I made it ahead of time and the resources I read, say that "a few hours" and "refrigerated" should be fine.

This is our juicer. I was using up some leftover veggies, hence the baby carrots and grape tomatoes.


  1. Good luck with the juicing... I've heard of a lot of people having great success with starting there. You can do it! :)

  2. Thank you Jo! I am hoping to post Day #2 soon.... Thank you for commenting! :D