Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 3– pass or fail…

Am I hungry? No. Am I thirsty? No. Am I cranky? Not as long as I don’t have to interact with anyone – Pah! I’m kidding. I do find my patience level is minimal. So what is the struggle? The struggle is that I LOVE to cook and bake and watch my family LOVE what I make. I still have to cook for Jacob and Steve. Yes, Steve has called the fast off for himself. I can’t blame him. I am proud of him. He sat in one of our fave restaurants in town last night, for a meeting and didn’t eat a thing. Instead, he came home prior to and guzzled half a glass of vegetable juice. Then, Jacob said he’d try a sip of daddy’s drink. Jacob spit the mouthful he took, back into daddy’s glass! I am actually craving nuts, beans and almond milk and to bake. But I know that will put me past the point of no return…the baking that is.

I think to myself often, how I love to bake and cook. I can see how cooking can change to be healthy and still totally delicious. I have a hard time giving up the baking, the way I know how to bake and for others to think it’s still so delicious. It looks like I have a new mission ahead of me.

On day 3, the headache is gone and I am physically satisfied after each juicing, I have more energy, and generally feel cleaner, I sleep very well. That was a surprising effect that I discovered even on Monday night – it’s true rest. Bennett still wakes up 1-2 times/night and I’m not totally lagging. I am down a total of 6lbs. on the nose as of 7:30 this morning. I also found a new parental tool – threaten Jacob to eat all his vegetables, on his plate or he’ll be drinking vegetable juice. heehee…Poor kid! But it worked, and right now, I’m looking for what gets the task done!

I’ve struggled knowing that I’m blogging about this experience as well. Kinda kicked my arse for that choice, earlier this evening, when I totally wanted to devour the bucket of ice cream, in the freezer. So, while I am hoping to make it through this fast. I am not putting pressure on myself to do it to be “credible”. This blog is about real life and it’s about my real life. I know that I got through today. I’m starting to freak a bit about Super Bowl Sunday when I typically make a lot of yummies for us. But here’s the flip side, how much disease and obesity is driving up our insurance costs because our society has embraced that anything truly delicious is a result of following an inverted traditional food pyramid?  The really sad one, for me, is seeing obese kids. But guess what? Even the school with the Box Tops for Education program is promoting food that is ultra processed and full of refined sugars. Ya, I’ll end it there for tonight. Except here is the picture of my lunch today:



A veggie cocktail made of kale, romaine lettuce, tomato, carrot and a few blackberries. I decided to use a wine glass, to make me feel “special”. It made it a worse experience because anything that goes in a wine glass should never have the smell of this concoction and it certainly should not have the texture. Winking smile I did it again at supper. The kale went straight to the bottom of the glass. Jacob saw me almost gag and when I downed it, said, “Good job Mom!” Tomorrow morning, should be a lot of fun. I bought a 10lb. bag of oranges today. We’re having homemade orange juice in the morning! Jacob is very excited for that!

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