Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 4 1/2….I’m done.

Ok…so, it turned into a stressful afternoon. Then, I was making a fabulous supper and I’m just too dang good of a cook to fast on veggies and fruit alone, especially, in juice form. So…scratch the fast. I know it was good for me. I’m ready to move on. I discovered I’m not a soldier for the cause of Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead….unless maybe I was nearly dead and sick. As we have it, I’m just fat. Winking smile I will definitely be incorporating juice in my family’s menu. I believe it is still the best way to get the required amount of veggies and fruit our bodies require.

The demise began when I wanted to cook hubby a splendid meal after a rough day. He will be in meetings far into the evening tonight. I had it ready and called and offered to take it to him. By the way, it’s Ragu Bolognese. Even Jacob walked in after playing outside and was instantly hungry and exclaimed, “It smells GOOD in here!” Well, the sauce was to die for, and I knew it, so I tasted it. I didn’t stop there. I had a 1/2 cup serving on my own plate and sat down and ate with Jacob. Since I find therapy in cooking and baking, I decided to see if Jacob wanted to help me bake a cake. Of course, he was very excited to! We put on our matching gingerbread men aprons from Aunt Krissi, several years ago and got to work on a Peanut Butter Meltaway cake. Here we are:




Enjoy your evening lovely readers. I truly hope you don’t find me a quitter, I am just creating experiences and ….experiencing them. Open-mouthed smile 


  1. Don't feel like a quitter. For one thing, 4 1/2 days is better than no days, right?

    The point of the fast was to go after a healthier you. You learned how to juice, you learned how you could incorporate juicing into a less liquid-only diet. Those are all good things. :)

    Take what you've learned this week and incorporate it into a living style that's maybe healthier than what you were doing in the past, and the week can't be counted as a waste. :)

  2. You are radiant. Maybe it's the Mary Kay maybe it's the juice, but you're beautiful. Having a baby in the house is stressful enough. :) Don't worry about it, I for one DO not think you are a quitter! I find the easiest plan to follow is Weight Watchers. I can really watch my points in the morning if I want to eat a piece of cake in the evening.... usually though these days, after the screaming and fighting I need a piece of cake more than once :)

  3. Jo- Thanks again for a comment. I wasn't feeling like a quitter. As I posted on my link on FB, it was me being afraid what my readers would think when I didn't fulfill the initial commitment I wrote about. However, part of being transparent, is realizing when we set unrealistic goals for ourselves and not being afraid to admit it.
    Heather - I miss you! Thanks for the comment! :D