Monday, July 11, 2011

Big Brother

....and I don't mean the government. ;) Jacob has been showing such a tremendous interest in my belly and "our baby". I've come to the conclusion there is nothing more edifying and it makes me hungry to see the relationship between my sons. I've already told about a dozen people the story from Friday morning - but I haven't blogged about it. For the first time, in about a week, Jacob chose to snuggle me a while Friday morning. We were taking a break and watching Barney. It was an episode about Halloween. Jacob and I discussed what he wanted to be for Halloween. He is excited to be a cowboy. I told him Baby Brother would be about 2 weeks old then. I asked, "Should we dress him up as a Pumpkin for Halloween?" Jacob laughed and laughed. "No Mom. He will be too little. The older boys costumes will frighten him. You and our baby stay home. Daddy and me will go get candy."

While we have waited so long for another child and a sibling, on earth, for Jacob - I am finding myself crying easily [wait....that's not different than usual this pregnancy...] about the time with just Jacob and me coming to a close. I've explained to Jacob that our love multiplies and grows for our children. I do not worry about having love for this new son. I am just realizing how blessed I have been to have all this time with my Firstborn. Jacob taking the action to kiss my belly and holler at my tummy, "Baby Brother - you will know my name - Jacob - when you join us!", prompted me to post about this transition and the confidence Jacob is instilling in me that he'll handle this new arrival with elation and joy. Hallelujah! I'm a proud Mama.

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