Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ebb and Flow

So....I've been awake for almost an hour. I was hungry. Here I sit, with a bowl that had been Great Grains Cranberry & Almond cereal. Celebrity chef Curtis Stone approves, who am I to poo poo? ;)
In one week, my Boy Wonder will be 5 years old. He has changed so much in the past month. Since a month ago, his snuggling has lessened by 90%. "No Mama, I'm too busy." After I give him pouty face, "Ok Mama for 2 seconds." His stiff little body isn't allowing the warmth of my embrace as he's anticipating the fight it will be to get away! His vocabulary has changed to include words like: eucalyptus, frightening, tasmanian devil...there's more but they escape me. He's grown at least 1/2 inch the past month and he's filling-out again. He woke me up this morning by jumping on my bed and announcing that his name now has Steve in it too. I had thought the shift from me to Daddy happened about 2 years ago. It's official, it happened yesterday. How do I know? It's too hot to play outside this week so he played a lot of Wii Resort yesterday. His Mii character is changed to a child-sized Daddy mii complete with a goatee, red hair and glasses. Jacob was good enough to show Grandma how to rock the baby when he spent time with her this past weekend. At least 4 times this past week, he runs up to me, kisses my belly and asks, "Mama, how is our baby doing?" This afternoon, as he graciously snuggled me with only his arm as I laid down for 20 minutes, he said, "We had another baby but he died." I said, "Yes, but Levi is safe and happy with God." "Why did he die?", Jacob asked. I reply, "Because he got sick while living in my tummy." I show him using my fingers about how long 5 inches is, "He was too tiny to get better on his own. He had a lot of growing to do." Then I showed him my guesstimate of 14 inches long, "This is how much Sweet Pea has grown! Isn't he getting so big?" I say with an amped-up voice to instill continued hope and faith for his new baby brother's safety and well-being. Jacob turns to look at me, his eyes sparkly with excitement. Then, he kissed me on the cheek and jumped off the bed. That's all it takes for him. He's so wondrously trusting and worry-free, just the way we're all meant to be.

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