Thursday, August 4, 2011


Funny story and insight as to how my hubby and I tick. So, there is an even more hilarious story that happened prior to the one I'm blogging about...but it would be really embarassing to put it in a blog. Not for me, but for hubby. Sometimes, I get diarrhea of the mouth and show little restraint and my hubby is far more private.
However, I won't disappoint ... he gave me good blogging material last night. We had a lazy evening. This. Never. Happens. It was great. We were watching Restaurant Impossible on the Food Network. Chef Robert Irvine is pretty intense and he knows what he wants and he gets what he wants. It's not just editing - he really does get what he wants from the design team and restaurant owners and staff on each episode. He has great vision. He drives the whole team to accomplish terrific feats with VERY limited time. He's not polite about it and he doesn't coddle anyone. I'm sitting there getting irritated. So, I identify my frustration and ask hubby, "Why can't I get the results he does by making my expectation known and getting the help to see it accomplished?" Steve turns his head to look at me. There it is - the look of complete neutrality. One of Steve's strong suits is he does not get riled, he does not let confrontation - true confrontation EVER happen. Harumph. How annoying for someone that enjoys arguing. Steve says, "Robert Irvine is a well-established, renowned chef." I interrupt, "So? I'm a well-established wife! I have great vision for things in our home and I ask nicely and  have to wait and wait and wait and I just want some things done." Again, with that look. [I should clarify, I'm not really talking about spending money on things in our home...more of needing help moving things and getting them to where I want them and ok..maybe a little bit of spending money.] I say, "Oh, I know what. We need to hire me some employees. Robert Irvine pays those people to carry out his demands and vision." Steve laughs at this, "Ya. How do we explain to applicants what they're applying for?" Then he says, in a high-pitched [what he thinks is my voice], "I'm hiring someone to do my wishes." Of course, I'm laughing like an idiot by this time. AND here comes the example of what he does every time I start to feel agitated about anything - he makes me roar with laughter. "Honey, you don't need employees. You need minions." After sleeping on it, I wake up this morning with this question: How do I breed minions like the fella, from the movie,Despicable Me?
Thank you for the huge laughs the past 15 hours Steve!

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