Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I feel inspired to write my guys a ....something.  I had always desired a daughter to do "girl" things with....whatever "girl" things are that I currently don't do with any girls in my life.... However, some "dreams" die and it's all so much more fun than I could have imagined. I am crazy in love with my own group of guys. I have years of being the girl in their lives....of course, one of the guys is stuck with me forever.... ;)

Little brings me more pleasure than measuring my day in giggles, loud voices, and slobber. For these days do not last fact they're gone as quick as tomorrow!

Early I wake to the bed shaking, when Jacob comes bounding in. It is our time, Boy Wonder, to catch up, to snuggle,for just a few moments we have each other all to ourselves, as it used to be.
Next, I get out of bed, to the sounds of Bennett, jabbering with glee. I open the door, exclaim, "Good morning My Darling!" He greets me with a smile so big, so bright - there will be no storm to snuff out his light.
There is always a time, in the morning, before everyone goes their separate ways, when my waist feels the hand of my Favorite Person, he always brings a grin to my face.
May you each know, now, tomorrow, the next and everafter - no greater love grows, in my heart than the love I have for Steven, Boy Wonder and My Darling!

My Darling 6 months old

Same morning, last week. I LOVE the "just woke up" eyes!

Today, was early dismissal for Boy Wonder. Daddy went to get him and together they picked these posies for me! Jacob is getting to a new "place" where taking pictures over every little thing just isn't as fun as it used to be...for him!

Hubby knows I love gerbera daisies and the little green button'ish mums - though I don't think that is what they're called. Jacob picked out the butterfly.

I needed to make sure and include a picture of my guys. This was taken on my birthday last month. It's easy to see the love and closeness between them here and for me, behind the camera. It's one of my favorite pictures.

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