Thursday, September 22, 2011

Know what's not overrated?

Kind words. Offers of help or asking what one can do to help, instead of helping in the way one desires to help. Hugs. Friends that come alongside - they can be friends I've had most of my life or beautiful humans I've only known a year or LESS. Feeling the fresh little spirit, encased in a body, growing in my body, bump and kick as he quickly runs out of room. Tums, even if only for a few minutes, bring serious relief from heartburn and vurps. Positive attitudes that still recognize the real pain a friend goes through and instead of pointing out the "up" side, just let us know they love us. Snuggles and kisses of my firstborn. Being a mama and doing homework with Boy Wonder and having real discussions on rides to and from school. He's presently distressed at the amount of toilet paper that is messing up neighbors lawns and hanging from our downtown trees, in honor of homecoming week. He thinks it is "mean". His Grandma Mimi will be happy to know that. ;) Going to sleep next to my Love.
I am blessed and reflecting on the gestures of love and kindness my family and I have received this week when we've passed the anniversary of Levi's death and as we run to the finish line of the arrival of Sweet Pea. There have been many hurdles to jump - and we've done it.
Thank you God. YOU are not overrated.


  1. "YOU are not overrated"...gave me chills. we have some exciting news our way. go see for yourself.

    looking forward to pics of sweet pea!!

    blog love,

  2. I was trying to figure out how to access your blog when you initially contacted a couple weeks thank you for the website. :D CONGRATULATIONS!! I look forward to catching up on your blog. :D