Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Change of Seasons

As I get older, I find myself appreciating all 4 of our seasons. My favorite is, and will always be, Autumn. To me, there is nothing cozier, more comforting than the smell of the leaves as they dry and blow, in the wind. I also love the crunchy sound they make when we're outside. I could go on and on about Autumn, but we are entering SPRING!!! 

Maybe it's because I'm not pregnant this Spring...or moving - can't believe this week marks TWO years since my hubby became the city manager here. Maybe, it's because I am realizing how ready I am to move on from the "growing our family" stage that I've been in for the past 4 years. Whatever it is, Spring has sprung, in my heart and I am loving it!

Each of the seasons has their own merits. Each are beautiful, in their own way. I find that each reflect a wave of change, in my own soul as they begin to move from one season to the next. It's refreshing, inspiring, motivating. Spring is a time to clean off and plant new seeds of creativity.

This week, I'm in the throws of organizing my home...again. Each time I do, it's an improvement on the last organization frenzy. I am very much looking forward to having both my "little" men home with me later this week. I have fun crafts and projects for us to start. I am so looking forward to taking Jacob out on his bike and Bennett in his stroller for long walks.

This week, I am also exploring recipes that are vegan. I'm not saying I desire to go without meat all together...I'm just exploring. It's fun! The world of food is vast. I am looking for healthier alternatives for my family that are outside our box. I still love our juicer! Almost every day I have a juice of some sort and the days I skip, I can feel a difference. The days I wolf down homemade pizza or a package of Thin Mints...man...it isn't good. I love that I can feel the difference, in my body. It is fascinating. I also find myself grieving a little bit because ignorance was bliss! ;)

Enjoy your week my sweets! [Especially if you're an Iowan experiencing May weather!]

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